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What is a cobot and what are its advantages in industrial work?

Cobots are becoming more common in industrial work environments, and Treston has already managed to implement several workstations around cobots. When designing cobot-friendly workstations, many aspects must be taken into account, such as the ergonomics of the work, the physical requirements of the cobots, and the level of collaboration between the cobot and the human.

In this article, we will go through what cobots are and what are the advantages of using them in an industrial work environment.
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How Does Industrial Ergonomics Improve Productivity?

Have you paid attention to the methods of transferring objects, the placement and accessibility of tools, the opportunities to perform one’s work either sitting down or standing up, and lighting at your workplace? All the above are part of ergonomic workstation design, and companies that have paid attention to these have been able to significantly improve their productivity.

In this article, we will show a few examples of why it makes sense to invest in ergonomics. We'll talk about how proper workplace ergonomics improves the well-being and motivation of employees and how it can at the same time save money and improve productivity. You'll get valuable insights into the benefits of ergonomics for employers and employees.
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Organisation increases efficiency; choose durable storage bins for industrial use

In various technical and industrial working environments, according to the lean philosophy, every item must find its own place. One important element in maintaining order is the storage bins, where all important items can easily be found at a glance. In order to increase efficiency, make sure that you minimise the time spent on looking for things and ensure that it is effortless to put even the smallest items back where they belong.

In this article, we will stimulate your thoughts on the choice of storage bins. A little work on organisation can make operations significantly more efficient and can improve ergonomics and safety at work, not to mention the image and the level of comfort.
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