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4 customised workstation solutions for in-house logistics

In logistics centres and in the various work environments of in-house logistics, workstations require special flexibility. Automation is increasing, and the facilities need to be used more efficiently. In most cases, an ergonomic workstation solution is built from modular workstations equipped with versatile accessories, but in some cases even more creative solutions are needed.

In this article, we go through examples of what kinds of challenges can be solved with customised workstations in in-house logistics. We also talk about the importance of modularity.
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How to choose the right adjustable workbench

Varying the working posture during the day is an essential part of proper workplace ergonomics, neither sitting nor standing alone is optimal. The latest cognitive research has demonstrated the benefits of regularly varying your working posture and according to the research results, even small movements, such as standing up occasionally, can help improve your memory, attentiveness, learning and overall cognitive performance.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the choosing process of an adjustable industrial workbench.
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FAQ: What Does One-piece Flow Manufacturing Mean? Video included.

In the manufacturing industry, companies aim to manufacture products that their customers need, deliver them when they need them, quickly, cost-effectively, and using the smallest amount of resources possible. These companies often want to avoid unnecessary intermediate storage that ties up their capital.

FAQ blog posts will answer the most relevant questions we receive from our customers. In this article we will go through one way to organise the production. We will go through what does one-piece flow mean and how could it make manufacturing process more effective.
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